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Frequently Asked

Lead Time & Delivery Updates

As of October 1, 2021:

This year, supply chain challenges have impacted furniture makers' ability to produce pieces in lockstep with rising demand. Every Maiden Home piece is made by American artisans, with primarily domestically-sourced raw materials. While our partners were also impacted by material shortages this year, our close relationships with them have enabled us to deliver competitive lead times and the best-in-class standard for customer experience we hold ourselves to as a brand.  

We pride ourselves on transparency and strive to provide you with accurate lead time information throughout your Maiden Home experience. As we enter a busy holiday season, here are a few things to know about our lead times:

The lead time estimate on each product page is reviewed and updated weekly with our latest knowledge of our partners’ capacity and access to raw material supply, as well as any planned holiday closures.

About Our Furniture

Where is your furniture produced?

Our pieces are produced by the top custom upholstery and wood artisans in the North Carolina region (North Carolina and Virginia). This area is known to be the world's premier source for high-quality furniture, thanks to strong traditions of craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations. Every one of our partners brings decades of expertise to the furniture making process.

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