How does pricing work?
How does pricing work?

You can set your own price based on how long you have had the item, the item condition and the current value of a new item being sold on our website.

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How much will I earn?
How much will I earn?

Once the buyer receives their item, you will be paid in Klekktic Credit which you can use towards any future purchase at Klekktic. Once the item is sold and delivered you will receive 70% of the resale price as a digital credit note. This credit can be used for 12 months towards your next purchase. This credit is also transferable.

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Why should I buy or sell with Klekktic Pre-Loved?
Why should I buy or sell with Klekktic Pre-Loved?

By selling your items when you no longer need them, you're extending their life-keeping them out of landfill and earning money in the process. Choosing pre-loved furniture reduces demand for new furniture, helping to reduce our impact on the planet.

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If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact support or send an email to


What is Klekktic Pre-Loved?

Klekktic Pre-Loved is a resale marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-loved Klekktic (only) products, as part of our resale community.

Can I get cash for selling my pre-loved items? 

No we only are able to give 70% of the selling price in Klekktic Credit 

Why does Klekktic retain 30% of the selling price? 

As we facilitate the sale we need to cover the cost of this. We will also be handling the delivery and logistics. 

Who will clean the items? 

All upholstered fabric items will receive a free cleaning from The Healthy Home after delivery is complete

How will I get my Klekktic Credit? 

You will get it digitally and it can be used within 12 months. 

Can I return my pre-loved items? 

Pre-loved items are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges. 

Can I request more photos or videos of the items? 

Yes you can. Please request this and we will try to accommodate the request with the seller. 

How Can I get my listing verified? 

Klekktic can verify your item and confirm it is in the described condition for a fee of AED200. 

When is my item picked up? 

Your item is picked up only after it has been sold and paid for. 

When do I receive my Klekktic Credit? 

Your Klekktic Credit can only be received once the item has been successfully delivered and signed for by the purchasing party. 

What if the buyer no longer wants the item? 

There is no refunds or exchanges for pre-loved items. 

However, if your item does not meet the conditions described and it has more faults and defects than described; the item will be returned to you but you will be expected to cover the delivery fees of AED300